Football training equipment, coaches, equipment suppliers say there’s nothing to worry about

Sep 19, 2021 Electromechanical

By Mike GrollThe NFL is preparing to open up to more competition from China after a controversial move to buy a raft of luxury goods from overseas, according to the owners of the companies that own the equipment.

The move will give the league the ability to sell its goods to foreign clients at a discount and will increase competition among the players’ equipment suppliers, according the owners.

The owners of companies that sell the equipment said they were prepared to work with the league to ensure they can compete in China. 

The NFL has been slow to make the move to the mainland and the players were slow to accept it.

The league and its owners have long lobbied for the ability for the league and owners to sell equipment at a much lower cost than in the United States and Europe. 

“I’m not sure what it will mean for the game, but it will certainly change the way players train,” said Bill Parcells, the NFL’s general manager of football operations, according a statement from the owners last week.

“We have no problem with foreign suppliers.

We’re not concerned about their quality, but we want to compete with them.”

The owners have been lobbying for the change since 2010.

They said in the statement that the change would open the door to “the most competitive and competitive prices available to our players, and will allow us to provide more value for our players than we do in the U.S.”

The move comes after a two-year period in which the league sought to negotiate a deal to sell the teams’ equipment overseas.

In June, the league agreed to pay $8.7 billion to buy back some of the equipment the teams had sold to overseas buyers.

The NFL had already started to look for ways to sell players’ gear abroad.

In October, the owners approved a deal with a Chinese company to sell football helmets and pads at a discounted price.

The NFL did not disclose the price, but Parcells said the deal was expected to net the league $2 billion in revenue for the next three years.

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