How Polygon got a deal with Valve to publish its game The Secret World

Oct 8, 2021 Technology

The idea that Valve is a publisher of videogames is not new, but it’s one that is gaining momentum as the industry continues to expand.

In 2014, Polygon acquired the rights to develop a game that Valve would publish under the Polygon umbrella.

Now, Polygram has been granted a license to publish The Secret Worlds game.

It will be available on Steam Early Access and on PC in the coming months.

The deal with Polygon comes after a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $30 million, with backers pledging $2 million.

The funding was matched by an additional $2.5 million from investors and Valve, which is part of Polygon’s parent company, THQ Nordic.

The idea that the company would license a videogame from a publisher that had no previous relationship with them has been a common theme in the videogame industry, and Polygon has been particularly outspoken about the possibility.

In a post on its crowdfunding page, Polygons co-founder and CEO Tom Stoppard said that “The Secret Worlds” was “a game that I’ve been working on for a year.

I’ve made an enormous amount of progress in the game and the team behind it, while still retaining a great deal of autonomy.

This partnership with Valve is an amazing opportunity for us to create a truly unique experience for our fans.”

Polygon also recently announced a deal for the game with the Chinese company Baidu, which was previously the exclusive publisher for The Secret Warriors.

The Secret World is a new game that Polygon hopes to publish on Steam early access.

It’ll be available for $14.99 on PC and $19.99 as an Early Access title on Steam.

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