How to build a mountain bike from scratch

Aug 4, 2021 Electrical

If you’re planning on getting into mountain biking, there are many options out there.

There are two types of bikes: ones that you build from scratch and ones that are custom built for you.

Here’s how to go about making a custom mountain bike, one that is the one you want to ride.1.

Build the bike you want2.

Customize the frame and fork3.

Add accessories4.

Get a bike and go…

This is a pretty straightforward process.

You’ll need a basic frame and a couple of forks and brakes.

This is where you can buy components and add to it as you see fit.

It’s important to be aware that it’s possible to have parts that look different on the inside than on the outside.

You can check out our article on how to make a custom bike to see how this can look.2.

Get your bike.

You need a good seat, pedals, wheels, and wheels.

You should also get a bike seat and some shoes.

This will make the riding experience more comfortable.3.

Make your frame.

Here are the parts you’ll need:1.

Your bike frame2.

Handlebar fork3: Chainring and axle4.

Seatpost and stem5.


Seat tube7.

Seat bolt8.

Seat collar9.

Handlebars and brake levers10.


Brake calipers12.

Fork brake hose13.

Handle bars and calipers14.

Handle bar and caliper brackets15.

Handle tube16.

Handle tubes17.

Spoke wheels18.

Handle cable19.



Braided cables22.

Cable tensioner23.

Cable collar24.

Cable extension25.

Cable wrench26.

Cable lock26.

Tensioner wire27.

Cable plug28.

Cable wire30.

Cable wrap32.

Cable cable3.

Mount your fork.

To mount your fork, simply place the fork on a bike stand.

It can be mounted using a standard frame mounting bracket.

You could also mount the fork to the frame using the frame bracket.3a.

Mounting bracket.

To get the most out of your frame, mount the frame to the stand using a double-sided tape.

You don’t need a lot of space for this, as it’s easy to remove it.3b.


To ensure the perfect position for your bike, put your seat on the bike stand and tighten the seat to the fork.

The seat stays in place, making the riding easier.4.

Mount the brakes.

Mount a seatpost to the bike stem and set the rear wheel in the correct position.5.

Mount pedals.

Use a standard pedal and adjust the chainring and adjust it for the right length.

If you want the pedals to be longer, adjust the pedals by hand.6.

Mount saddle.

Use the seatpost and chainring to mount the saddle.7.

Mount seat.

Use both saddle and seatpost mounts to mount your bike on the seatstand.8.

Mount brakes.

Use an adjustable brake cable and adjust them for the correct length.9.

Mount spokes.

Use spokes that are the right size for your chainring, seatpost, and pedals.10.

Mount brake hose.

Mount an adjustable hose to the brake hose and adjust your brake pressure.11.

Mount cable.

Mount another cable to your bike cable system to ensure that your cable goes through the right way.12.

Mount chain.

Use chainrings and saddle cables to mount it on the rack.13.

Mount sprocket.

Use bolts on the sprocket to attach it to the rack and keep it from slipping off the rack as you pedal.14.

Mount handlebar.

Mount to the handlebar with your standard saddle.15.

Mount rear brake.

Mount it to your handlebar using the handlebars mount and brake hose mount.16.

Mount caliper.

Mount from the rear to the front of the rack using the caliper mount and rear brake hose mounts.17.

Mount fork.

Mount and mount your new mountain bike rack using a seat, handlebar, and fork rack.18.

Mount crankset.

Mount on the fork using the chainrings, sprocket, and seat.19.

Mount stem.

Mount onto the stem using the stem mount and handlebars mounting and brake cable mounts.20.

Mount wheels.

Mount them on the wheels using the front wheels mount and cal.


Mount bike stand, seat, and saddle.

Make sure that you secure the stand, bike stand mount, and mount.22.

Make adjustments.

Adjust the front brake, rear brake, and cal levers.23.

Set up the frame.

If your bike doesn’t have a frame, you can mount it to a frame using a custom-made frame mount.

The frame mount can be purchased from a frame builder.

It takes about 20 minutes to set up, and it doesn’t require any tools.24.

Check out our guide to the best mountain bike racks.

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