How to save time in the paddock

Nov 30, 2021 Electrical

The best way to save money on paddock equipment is to buy a paddock, it is claimed.

The National Rural Fire Authority (NRFFA) has said that there are currently more than 3,000 paddocks around Ireland.

They have been inundated with complaints about equipment and maintenance issues.NRFAA chief executive, James Poyntz, said that the current demand for paddock repair is “unprecedented”.

“The demand for repair and replacement is a very high level, especially in rural areas where people often don’t know where to go for assistance,” he said.

“Paddocks are not only a source of firefighting equipment but they are also an important source of recreational opportunities.”

“Paddy pads are a major source of revenue for local economies, which are important in the long term sustainability of local economies,” he added.

“A large number of paddocks are currently in need of repair or replacement and are being damaged by a number of factors including flooding, landslides and natural disasters.”

Mr Poyton said that in the past year there has been a rise in the number of complaints about paddocks.

“It’s been quite a rise over the last two years, we’ve had one in June this year, there’s been a surge in complaints in the last three months,” he explained.

“We have seen a lot of cases of damage to paddocks and there have been some complaints in areas that we’ve never heard of before.”

There are no numbers that we have ever heard of where there are two or three paddocks that have the same number of issues.”NRFAAA’s chief executive James Poyer said that many of the complaints relate to the fact that the paddocks were not well maintained.”

The main issue we have is the equipment.

We know that paddocks aren’t properly maintained, there is a lot more of that on our list,” he told the Irish Independent.”

You can have a great paddock with lots of equipment but it’s not necessarily going to have a good safety record.

“Mr Joyal said that NRFAA had been working with its members to improve the management of paddock paddocks over the past few years.”

In order to achieve a high level of safety we’ve done a lot to improve our practices and the equipment we use, particularly to make sure the paddos are maintained properly, we’re very much aware of this, but we’ve also had to make some very difficult decisions, and that’s what we’ve been doing,” he admitted.”

As a result we’ve taken some very tough decisions, we have taken some action on the part of the owners.

We’ve also done some work on equipment.

“In the case of a flood there are no pads for paddocks, the paddies are a part of nature and you don’t want them to be a hazard, you want to make the paddles as safe as possible.”

Mr Gough said that paddock owners should be given the tools to make their paddocks safe, rather than having to be forced to fix equipment or buy it.

“If you can make the facilities of the paddels as safe and as good as possible then people can make a living from paddocks,” he concluded.

“That’s the only way to ensure that they are going to be able to do their jobs and do the work they do.”

So we’ve got to make a choice to be part of it, or not.

We have to make that decision.

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