How Trump’s ‘fake news’ campaign may be getting the job done

Sep 20, 2021 Management

A new report from Breitbart News found that while Donald Trump has often claimed that his campaign is the “most honest and clean-minded” in American history, a lot of it may be fake news.

The report, “Donald Trump’s Fake News Campaign: The Real Story Behind The Media’s ‘Fake News’ Nightmare,” claims that the “fictitious” narrative of Trump’s campaign is being spun by the media and the Trump administration to deflect from his ongoing scandals and accusations.

The fake news campaign is a “monstrous assault on truth” that Trump has used to deflect attention from his scandals and scandals, according to the report.

The “fake news” campaign is “a massive assault on the truth that the American people have been demanding for years,” said Mark Potok, the executive director of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in a statement.

The SPLC also called out the media for failing to investigate the accusations against Trump, and for “denying the president the benefit of the doubt” when it comes to his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia.

“If there is one thing we know for sure about the Trump presidency it is that it’s not a healthy one,” Potok added.

“President Trump has been running a campaign of lies and innuendo against his opponents, and he is using the presidency to promote his own political agenda.”

In addition to the SPLC, other groups including the Anti-Defamation League and the have also published reports detailing the alleged fake news campaigns being conducted by the Trump campaign and the White House.

The White House also denied the reports, saying in a press release, “President Donald J. Trump is a proud American, who has a history of being able to make America great again.

We welcome the opportunity to put the lies and distortions that have plagued this administration to rest once and for all.”

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