‘I’ll be back in the kitchen’: New South Wales chef finds his passion after 10 years in the industry

Sep 7, 2021 Management

A new chef in the New South Welsh capital of Cardiff says he will be back to cooking in the kitchens of families.

Photo: Jason SouthcottMr John Gandy, who was trained at the famed Michelin-starred chef José Andrés in Barcelona, spent 10 years as a full-time chef in South Wales, starting in 2011 and finishing in 2018.

He says he was overwhelmed with the amount of hospitality the city provided.

“I just feel like a part of the family,” Mr Gandy said.

“When you’re working as a chef, there are so many people around you and it’s like you’re in a family.”

You’re part of something and you can’t turn it off.

“Mr Gandy’s work in South East Asia, in the Philippines, was a passion project, and he’s spent the past few months relaunching his business, which he started in 2013.”

We have a great team and the best of the best,” he said.

The new chef is aiming to open in the next few weeks, and his team has a lot of ideas.”

The key is that we want to build a real relationship with the community, and we want them to be part of that,” he explained.”

It’s a small town so we’re not doing this for the money, we’re doing it for the community.

“The kitchen is set to open on April 20, and Mr Ganey says it will offer the community something they have long been looking for: a place to eat.”

There are a lot more families and families who come to us, and it gives us the opportunity to build the community,” he added.”

And it will be a community centre that people can go and come and hang out.

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