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Inspiring Women In Engineering

Women in Engineering Day

Women in Engineering Day

Women in Engineering Day:

Today, women all over the globe are breaking barriers, challenging the status quo and achieving success across various industries while striking an impressive balance between their professional and personal lives.

We at Dorman Smith wish to recognize women who work in the field Engineering and thus, inspire young women to consider Engineering as a viable career option.

The 23rd of June is recognized globally as the International Women in Engineering Day, and we celebrated the 23rd of June by talking to women engineers globally across specializations and industry roles to understand their perspective on the field of Engineering.

In “Women In Engineering Day” The primary goals of the discussions were to understand what drives to women to choose Engineering as a career, what skills help women succeed in Engineering and the major hurdles faced by women in the field.

Below are some chosen excerpts from the conversations we had and the critical insights they shed light on.

Mahalakshmi, Senior Sales Engineer, Eltech Switchgear

Mahalakshmi, Senior Sales Engineer, Eltech Switchgear

“When faced with a career dilemma, I took the brave decision of entering the field of LV Switchgear in Dubai, an industry that is traditionally male dominated. Being a successful professional in this industry gives me immense pleasure and confidence that I carry into other facets of my life. “

Insight – More Women are seeing Engineering as a viable career option

Engineering, while traditionally seen as a male dominated field of study, is rapidly changing to include more female engineers such as Mahalakshmi. The pride of succeeding in an industry that is seen as tough to break into imbues women with the confidence required to tackle life’s varied challenges.

Sarah Taylor, Operations Manager, Dorman Smith

Sarah Taylor, Operations Manager, Dorman Smith

“Passion, Hunger and Discipline are the three tenets that every aspiring engineer should look at before taking the decision to join the industry. Do you have a passion for the subject? What about the hunger to keep learning? And if you marry these attributes with the discipline of effort there is no field that you cannot be successful in, engineering or otherwise. “

Insight – Success comes to those willing to put in the effort, in the field of Engineering and life

The toughest part of any successful endeavor is getting started. The biggest challenge to your success, as Sarah puts it, is yourself. Let go of the limiting beliefs and wade into your chosen field of engineering, Ensure that you put in the requisite effort and watch your challenges fade as you chase success.

Dhanu Das, Senior Project Lead – Electrical, Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc.

Dhanu Das, Senior Project Lead – Electrical, Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers

“As women, we need to be confident and understand that we are on par with men and can undertake any role and its associated responsibilities. Ultimately, it is the quality of work that you produce that will put everything into perspective. Look for mentors and role models from whom you can learn the traits and qualities required to succeed in the field. It always helps to have strong mentors who are incredibly supportive and encourage one to have a successful career while balancing family commitments. “

Insight – Believe in yourself and learn from role models who have succeeded in Engineering

Begin your journey by believing that you can succeed in the tasks you undertake. Interest and the willingness to learn are more important that raw brain power. It is your attitude that will determine your success. Ensure that you chart a clear path for your career and learn from others who have successful navigated the journey and imbibe the necessary skills and traits.

In conclusion, we at Dorman Smith most certainly believe that the women of today and tomorrow have an important role to play in the burgeoning field of Engineering.

The women that we spoke to, across domains and industry roles, echoed our sentiments and shed light on the challenges, skills and traits needed to succeed in this field.

If you are a young woman in any part of the world reading this, know that any limitations placed on you by yourself, your parents, or peers are truly imaginary. If you possess the necessary professional drive and intellectual curiosity, the diverse world of Engineering awaits you!

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