Outdoor play equipment to be removed from Ottawa public garden

Aug 19, 2021 Electromechanical

The City of Ottawa is taking steps to remove outdoor play machines and other equipment from its public gardens.

The city has issued a list of more than a dozen items that are banned from the city’s public spaces, including skateboards, skateboards with blades, hockey sticks, hockey pucks and hockey pong.

The list is being rolled out as part of the city building code review.

“This is a very important time to review the city parks code and it is a time for us to take action to address the public’s concerns about the safety and security of our parks,” said Chris Lillis, the city of Ottawa’s director of parks and recreation.

The items are banned because they are “harmful to our residents,” he said.

“It’s an issue that we’ve had with outdoor play for quite a while.

It is not new.

We’ve had this issue for years.”

In a letter to the city, the owners of the machines wrote they are not responsible for the equipment being removed.

“The City of Toronto is the owner of the equipment, which has been used in the City’s parks since the late 1980s,” the letter said.

The machines have been removed from public spaces in recent years because they were seen as disruptive.

The machines were banned in Vancouver and other cities after a number of incidents.

The city is also removing skateboards from public squares and streets and is banning the sale of rollerblades, boards, and other types of equipment in public spaces.

Lillys said the city is reviewing whether to make the ban on outdoor play more specific, like skates and skateboards that are not part of a game.

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