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Tattoo equipment manufacturer sells for more than $2 million

Tattoo, headwear, earrings and more, it seems, is not the only item you can now buy online, at a bargain price.

Aussie-based tattoo specialist Tattoo Equipment has just sold its first tattoo, earring and other equipment for $2.2 million.

Key points:Tattooers can now get the products onlineTattoos can now be bought onlineTough-to-drive vehicles are no longer required to get a tattooThe TATTOO brand is now available for sale on the internetThe business was started by Australian tattoo artist John Masekela, who grew up in Perth, where his father, Steve, worked as a carpenter.

“I had a lot of interest in tattooing as a kid, and my mum and dad were tattooing, too,” Mr Masere told News24.

“So I got into it at a young age.”

Mr Maserea was in Perth when he realised his father had an extensive tattoo collection.

“It was very unusual to have a whole tattoo collection and then to have it all available online, and now I’ve got all my stuff online,” he said.

“The shop is just so small and you can go to all your favourite shops and buy everything you need.”

The store’s online store is now open, with the focus on accessories, tattoo supplies and tattooing services.

“This business has been around for 20 years and it has been so well received,” Mr Simeone said.

Mr Maseras website was shut down last year and he was unable to reopen, but now he is back with a vengeance.

“There’s not really a choice but to take it over,” he explained.

“We’re now in the process of going through the rest of the business and hopefully we can get back online and start to sell again.”

And if we do that, we’d love to get our business back up and running again.

“The website is a big hit, with a few hundred tattoos being sold daily.”

As a young man in Perth I had a tattoo and earring collection, and I had all the stuff,” Mr Kaserea said.

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