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Directv customers get ‘no hassle’ of refund of equipment rental fee

The retail operator of Australia’s largest broadband provider has said it will refund all customers’ equipment rental fees for the second consecutive year after it was accused of a lack of transparency.

In a statement to The Australian, Directv said it had “received some criticism” from customers for not releasing all its rental fees.

“Our customers have told us that they have not received any correspondence from us and we have asked for an apology from the company,” it said.

“We apologise unreservedly for any inconvenience this has caused our customers.”

In September, the Federal Court found Directv did not follow its obligations under the Australian Consumer Law and that it had misled customers.

The Federal Court also found the company did not adequately disclose to customers that the rental fees were refundable.

In an open letter to customers, the company said it would refund all equipment rentals in 2017, up from the current year’s total of $2,723.

Directv said in its statement it would also refund the full cost of equipment rentals to customers who had already paid.

The company said its customers who paid the rental fee prior to the deadline would be refunded their money, while those who paid after the deadline will be refunding the full $2.15.

The statement also said it “did not have any intention” of refunding all customers, including those who had not paid the rent fee.

It said customers who received refunds from the Directv service could apply for a full refund.

“In the event that any of our customers are not satisfied with the outcome of this refund, they will be given a full and fair opportunity to do so,” it added.

The ACCC is expected to announce its decision on Directv’s refund policy next week.

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