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India’s elite to be given special privileges on roads ahead of coronavirus pandemic

Transport minister Gopal Subramaniam will be given a special permit to travel on the country’s roads ahead.

The ministry of roads has approved a proposal from the Civil Aviation Ministry to grant special status to the top 5% of the elite, the Times of India reported on Monday.

The privilege, which would be granted to any driver who can show they are from a top 5 per cent of the population, would not apply to those who are from below 5 per to 10 per cent.

The move will help the government keep tabs on the progress of the pandemic, which has claimed more than 2,300 lives in India so far.

Transport Minister Gopal Bajpai told the Hindustan Times that the decision was not a move against the elite but was based on “the needs of the country and people.”

According to the Times, the ministry’s plan is to allow vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 10,000kg to use the roads, with a minimum weight limit of 10,400kg and a maximum weight limit exceeding 10,800kg.

It will also allow motorbikes, buses and hovercraft to travel at least 30km per hour.