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How to tell if your phone is equipped to run iOS 8.1 or later

In a move that may come as a surprise to iPhone and Android users, Apple on Tuesday confirmed to AppleInsider that it will begin rolling out the first major iOS 8 update to all iPhone and iPad owners on March 18.

Users will be able to download iOS 8 for free from the App Store and through the Mac App Store, and they will be asked to upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 8 in order to get the update.

It’s unclear how many of those users will actually get the iOS 8 upgrade, but AppleInsiders is expecting many more.”iOS 8 is now available for all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV models.

Users who have previously downloaded iOS 7 will be upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 on March 19, while those who have downloaded iOS 8 or later will be eligible for the iOS 7 upgrade at a later date,” Apple wrote in an announcement.

“If you are already running iOS 8, you should continue to use the app until we receive further updates.”

In addition to the iOS update, Apple is also rolling out iCloud Photo Library updates to all iOS devices.

The company says the new update will also include “a number of other enhancements and improvements” that include “improved reliability and performance” and “better support for the latest photo and video formats.”

The iCloud Photo library is one of the biggest new features in iOS 8 that lets users save photos and videos to iCloud without having to worry about deleting or syncing the files.

While it was initially designed to support iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Apple added it to iOS last month as part of a broader upgrade to the iCloud photo and photo sharing service.

The update has been downloaded more than a billion times since it was first released.

Apple’s iOS 8 release is also expected to include several other new features, including improved security and privacy protections for users.

Apple has previously said it was planning to release updates to the company’s iOS operating system for Windows and Macs this year, as well as for iPhones.iOS 8 includes a number of security improvements that Apple says it hopes will make it more secure against hackers.

The latest version of the operating system includes the ability for apps to access information about your device, including your device’s location and your activity on social media.

In addition, iOS 8 is also the first version of iOS to include an enhanced version of Apple’s Secure Enclave, a new feature that lets apps use your device to encrypt data on your device.

The top five top-selling swimming pools in the UK

The top-five top-sellers of pool equipment in the country are the same five brands that were the most popular in 2016, according to new research.

The research, which was published by the pool industry body, UK Pool Equipment Manufacturers, revealed that the UK’s top-ranking brands sold 7.3 million more pools than the next highest selling pool equipment brands, with the two brands selling less than the combined market share of the top-ranked brands.

Pool equipment manufacturers sold just 2.1 million more pool equipment units than the same brands in 2016.

Pool manufacturers also spent more on marketing, with £2.5 billion spent on pool equipment marketing in the six months to the end of March 2017 compared with £1.4 billion spent in the same period last year.

This year’s survey of the UK pool industry also showed that the top five UK manufacturers of pool infrastructure, such as ballast, were also spending more on the market.

Top brands including Hennessey, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson’s, and UK Pool Infrastructure were the top three in terms of market share in the first half of 2017, while manufacturers of the other five brands including P&G, and S&amp and the UK Pool Industry Association also made a return to the top 10.

In the second half of the year, the UK Industry Association reported that UK Pool Manufacturers spent £1 billion on marketing in 2017, compared with the £1 million spent in 2016 and the £900 million spent last year, according for the latest UK Pool Manufacturing Manufacturers’ Marketing Spending Report.

The UK Pool Products Association reported a similar report in April 2018, but only the UK Manufacturers Association reported marketing spending at the end 2017.

UK Pool Product Manufacturers have reported an overall increase in spending on marketing over the past 12 months, with total spending up 3.1 per cent compared to the same time last year and an increase of 8.3 per cent over the previous year.

UK pool products were the only category of pool products that saw a decline in spending in the past year.

The increase in advertising spending is particularly important for the UK manufacturer, which spends less on advertising than other manufacturers of pools, due to its lower cost of production.

UK Pools Manufacturers are the third-highest spenders in the pool marketing market, behind only the US and Germany.

British Pools Product Manufactriers spent £9.9 million on marketing spending in 2017 compared to £5.8 million spent by the UK industry in 2016 according to the latest USPMA marketing spending report.

Pool Manufactures spent £5,600 on marketing during the last six months of 2017 compared the same six-month period in 2016 with £4,600 spent during the same months in 2017.

The industry also spent £10 million on advertising during the three months to March 2017, up from £5 million in the three-month to March 2016. 

UK Pool Equipment Manufacturing Manufactures also reported an increase in marketing spending, up 4.5 per cent from the previous 12 months to £3.4 million, but a decrease in advertising spend of just over 4 per cent.

This is mainly due to an overall decrease in spending by the industry in the previous three months.

UK manufacturers are also the top spenders on the supply chain of equipment.

UK pools have seen a number of major equipment manufacturers leaving the UK market over the last decade.

Johnson < Johnson has recently closed its UK operations, with Hennes de Seef leaving the pool equipment industry altogether, while Johnson > Johnson will focus on a joint venture with Australian supplier Littlestone, which will have its UK facilities and manufacturing facility in the South West of England.

Hennes De Seef has previously stated that it is closing its UK manufacturing and sales operations and is no longer investing in its UK factories.

UK equipment manufacturers also reported a significant increase in the number of employees they have in the last year to £1,900 million compared with 2016, with an increase up 6.2 per cent in workforce compared to 1,500 staff in the prior year.

In addition, UK manufacturers increased their staff numbers by 1,700 in the year to March 2018.

UK Equipment Manufactures will continue to invest in recruiting and retaining qualified staff, but will be more selective in their recruiting processes.

UK Manufactures Pool Infrastructure Manufacturers reported a further rise in spending due to their continued increase in market share and increased marketing spending.

In 2017, UK pool infrastructure manufacturers were the third highest spenders for pool equipment, spending £5 billion compared with a £2 billion spend in 2016 in the market, according the latest pool equipment market report by UK Pool Industries Association.

Pool infrastructure manufacturers also invested an additional £300 million on pool infrastructure in 2017 to support increased infrastructure capacity in the industry. 

Pool Manufactures pool infrastructure was the third most used type of pool facility in 2017 as it was the most commonly used type in the pools in all of the three