Which medical equipment is needed to run a hospital?

Dec 9, 2021 Technology

Medical equipment is required to run the hospitals and outpatient clinics in Australia, but the equipment is often used by private companies to run their own operations.

In a bid to make the equipment more efficient, some hospitals and clinics are turning to robots to perform vital tasks such as running ventilators, cleaning airways and collecting blood samples.

A new program has been launched by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to provide private sector operators with the tools they need to automate these jobs.AMA chief executive officer Dr Richard Brown said there was no doubt the industry was facing “unprecedented demand” for the technology.

“The need for medical equipment has grown over the last few years, particularly for critical care, and there are increasing pressures to meet demand for medical supplies,” Dr Brown said.

“We have had the introduction of a few new medical technologies in recent years, such as robot arms, so we know there is demand for these technologies and that they will be required.”

But the technology is not just limited to the home – it will be needed in all health care facilities.

“Mr Brown said the AMA was committed to supporting the development of these new technologies.”

In fact, we’re developing a ‘Healthy’ Health Robot program that we’re calling ‘Healthily Health’.

“This is a partnership with some of the most successful and successful private sector players in Australia and internationally to provide a high-performance robotic system to run hospitals, outpatient clinics, and clinical services,” he said.

The AMA says there are about 250,000 jobs at risk in the health industry, and says there is a need to modernise the industry to deliver better services to patients and improve efficiency.

“Our goal is to develop a workforce that will be able to meet the demands of these growing needs, and the AMA’s Healthy Health Robot Program is a critical step towards delivering this,” Dr Brooks said.

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